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July 3, 2019

Hello anyone still out there .... <crickets> I hope you are all away taking a relaxing break from all things scheduled but there are a few things that people have emailed about.  I have been directly trying to keep up emails but thought I'd post here as well. 



... you want the link to the photos.!AuJR_WGpoFy5vSzCUsILgXLZLSDx?e=4NE5S9


Here it is ...indeed up live (....and has been a few times over but I posted and then took down, and then posted and then took down, a lot)  See unknown to me the day of shooting I had actually a rather big malfunction of my camera and it "ruined" more than half of the photos (I am rather critical, "distorted" is probably a better description but I was really upset so ruined works) I did take my camera in and it was a tech thing, nothing that I could have helped but I spent an unhealthy amount of time completely recreating your photos in editing.  I swear I am not new to a camera and have a mild amount of skills <blushing> So sorry everyone!!!


(here is close to what I was dealing with ... eeeekkk!



So without more rambling to you all while you are trying to have a summer break the photos are live, some of you who have seen them said you love them and would have never noticed a problem.. (gracious) but if anyone hates their please let me know and we can reshoot or refund! 



The black and whites I did shoot in RAW format and they are rather lovely and if I did have your permission, I'd love to use them for our new studio website. You'll remember half way through the year when I lost my website ...(wow technology hates me right now right!?)  well I am almost ready to launch a nice re-booted website that will make all of our lives so very easy next year... easier to use forms, easy newsletters, easy registration. And the b&w's would be so nice for images... so maybe that is a compensation... fame in exchange for photos :) 


Miss your dancer's faces so much! 

Mrs. Labelle 



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