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May 8, 2019




So SATURDAY MAY 25 I am going to offer photo sessions. 

Originally there was casual mention we were going to do the following weekend, but there is a lot of unavailable families and this way we are all already out for the Fruitvale parade so let's go for it! 


Sessions will start at 3:00 until 7:00 at the studio and we will go by class weekly time 

**there is a timetable to follow. I will post this soon. 

Photos are taken by 

    - 3 digital images are $25 and feel free to peruse around the facebook page to get a feel of past years, they are rather adorable and a great keepsake of each years performance should you like to participate.



Also looking towards the show I will be finding a few times where we can rent the Montrose hall to rehearse in a larger space prior to showtime to get us ready for stage. Keep checking back for specifics as to when you class may be switched in locations, (this mostly pertains to the larger hip hop group and older students, my little ballerinas will not be needing this preparation) 


And lastly, feel encouraged to really pump up the show! We want a full house! The dancers and theater workshop attendees have really worked so hard and we want the community to be as excited as we are about coming to check it out... so WE HAVE A GAME!!!!!

I have told most of the students but let me explain here. On our invitations we will be handing out at the parades, there is a hashtag on the back saying #followthewhiterabbitstudiolabelledance and ALL around town I will be hiding "white rabbit studio labelle dance" stickers... maybe at the aquatic center, maybe at gyro, ...anywhere!!! So if you happen to see one with your dancer, 1) take a pic  2) tag it #followthewhiterabbitstudiolabelledance and all tags will be entered to win 2 of 20 extra give away tickets to the show!!!!! You'd be able to invite your teacher, classmates or dentist to the show!!!! There will be 20 stickers to find so you're sure to see one if your looking.

Let the excitement comence! 

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