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November 20, 2018

Well its getting close to our big weekend. A few things


****This week remember Tuesday and Wednesday classes are not at the studio, but at the hall so we can work out spacing with the older groups. 


Most costumes will be sent home next week. You will be responsible to have them for dress rehearsal and photo day, and the show. Every piece and accessory will be in your garment bag and labeled with your child's name so it is easy to keep together, but please be as careful as possible.


Dress rehearsal is Thursday the 29th at The Bailey Theatre and we will be starting promptly at 5:00. I like to try and run as close to the show as possible in sequential order and with costumes on (makeup is not necessary) so we see how everything translates to the stage. Please, as other years, do feel encouraged to sit and watch all the other classes if you have time...  it is a great way for our dancers to inspire each other and to learn, but remember it is mandatory that we are quiet in the theatre for the dancers on stage to concentrate. 


We will run each piece once or twice, so I will outline a time schedule but please note that times are sometimes not exact - I will try my best but generally you should plan to be at the theatre for under an hour. 



After dress rehearsal we have photo day on the Saturday Dec 1st, there is a timeslot outline image here  


Photos are taken by 

 3 digital images are $25 and feel free to peruse around the facebook page to get a feel of past years, they are rather adorable and a great keepsake of each years performance should you like to participate. 







More actual SHOW info to come as well next week but to prepare new parents, here's the low down... 


If you haven't already, you should probably grab tickets soon either online or in person at the box office


Getting show ready - We arrive with garment bag ready to hang in dressing rooms and hair neatly done. There are plenty of experienced moms backstage and I will also be uploading links for tutorials for stage makeup. It is a fun group atmosphere backstage so do not stress about makeup. These are the memories so feel welcome to enjoy the dressing room for the evening.


Arrival time - I will post a schedule for arrival but generally I have my older students arrive a few hours prior to show time to start getting ready and maybe do a few run thrus and we have our younger dancers arrive only a little bit before the show so we don't run out of attention span. :) 


During the show - I hire backstage supervision and prefer the dancers to stay backstage for the duration of the show until the finale (of course with the exception of baby ballerinas or dancers who truly need to be out with you in the seats.)  



And finally a few notes on things I am needing volunteers to step up with: if you are able please let me know 


1) SANTA! We are so "lucky" Santa takes time to come to our show every year and get the dancers so excited with his jolly entrance at the end of the show... but I need a body to fill the suit!!!! Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. If you know a grandpa...


2) "Welcome Table" workers, 10 minutes to sit before and after the show and run the "concession" table at the entrance 


3) Backstage hand - <I am batting my eyelashes here> During the show I am juggling a few things with trying to get each dancer to the stage, run props, que music and well... the show :) so if you know of anyone who would love the excitement of backstage (maybe a very capable teen or a mom who loves the behind the scenes) I'd love a right hand runner - this would include dress rehearsal as well and I would pay for their time. 


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