The sugar rush

November 2, 2018


Well Happy Halloween and I deeply sorry to the 2yr old's mother who's little dancer had never had a cupcake before this week... opps - welcome to ballet! 


Also I have attached an image for my

Integrated classes that have a new term starting this next week.... only to invite you to spread the word if you know of any families who are looking for sensory inclusive dance classes - it is a new endeavour for me and I am so passionate about the benefits of these classes,   .... these classes are daytime so targeted to families who are out of the school system and separate from my normal studio schedule. No pressure, I only mention it to increase word of mouth. 



So.... it's approaching SHOWTIME!

Many of our classes have nearly finished their recital pieces and next week will start our "serious" time of the year.  I will have most of your practice videos uploaded to the website by this week and would very much appreciate if you would make time for your dancer to sit online and watch them repeatedly, this is a great trick for memorization and then at classes we can work on technique and corrections to tidy the dance instead of coming to class and struggling to remember the routine. 

Our show is rather early this year so we will need to dedicate ourselves to learning the choreography efficiently. Thank you. 

(Also side note as parents watch the practice videos, these have all been recorded within only ONE or TWO classes of being taught the choreography. I will continue to film and upload as we progress, and I am extremely proud of how the students are picking it up - we are right on track, perfection is not the goal this early!!)  

The videos are on the practice page of the website and it is password protected       password: ilovesld


Also most of our costumes are now arriving, and storage of massive tutus is often a problem in my studio, so I have sorted costumes in the changeroom/restroom - I mention this because COSTUMES ARE NOT TO BE TOUCHED and we can as a group discuss this with the students. Many of these are custom ordered and I cannot replace in time should anything happen. Also it takes time to steam and sort them all so of course look, but don't touch please :) 


Nov 12-16 is parents observation week and we should all be ready to shock you with our advancements in syllabus work and also show you our recital performance pieces.... get ready! 


That's it for now all, thanks parents!

Danielle Labelle


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