Welcome to 2018-2019!!!

August 8, 2018


I am so excited to start our fresh new season and so very excited to have all of you great studio families coming along for the ride. There was some talk of expansion at the end of last year and I am still seeing that vision as an end goal, but after viewing the real estate available and looking at the specific attributes of the studio I have decided we are perfect where we are for now. ( But we should celebrate that that is even an option that our tiny little studio could be so successful we need more space! YAY!)  Some of the best things about our studio is the small class size with attention to each student & the extra fun and artistic perks so for now we keep going how we have been going. 



Anyway... A huge WELCOME to new students, parents I think you will find most FAQ's on the website but feel free to message me if you have any further questions as we get ready for our season. FAQ's page link here 

       things like attire, drop off info, location, tuition, payment, & everything is on the website...



I've spent the summer delving into some really great courses and I am so excited to bring that knowledge to your children this year.  As you may have noticed in registration there is now hip hop as an elective and I have received some certification and training in working with students with sensory disorders.  Although that integrated sensory training doesn't always pertain to each of my students (more specifically to my NEW integrated dance classes offered - spread the word :) ) but the cues and skills I have developed from that training is going to be abundantly useful in ALL of my classes so I am very excited! Understanding child psychology is always universally beneficial right?!



We start classes on Monday September 10th and our studio schedule mirrors the school year from Sept - June with small breaks at Christmas and Spring.

This is in part why I break the payment terms up into 2 months so that each term has mostly equal weeks after breaks and also for ease of payment. Please remember that payment is due the first week of each term and tax invoices are given UPON payment. (that means please remember to pay on your own I do not send individual reminders) Late fees of payments past 1 week overdue are now $20. 


For families who are new to our studio you can expect more then just week to week dance classes, the studio prides itself on offering a one of a kind dance/development education and things like visual art week, photography sessions, artistic media (both shown in class, videos MADE by our dancers and live videos from guest teachers), parades, community events, parents observations & parent PARTICIPATION classes, field trips and of course our amazing recitals at The Bailey Theatre (two, Christmas and Year End). It will be wonderful I promise! 


 Please do advise if you would not wish your child to be part of any media and I will be very conscious of that in class. Otherwise it is assumed that photos and videos are allowed to be taken in class... after all it is the CUTEST thing in the world and unless we know you'd like to opt out there is a chance another mother or myself may have images uploaded to media. 

On that note feel free to always tag your images online "Studio Labelle Dance". 


As you arrive at your first class there is a simple contact form and discloser info sheet to fill out.


Also please do subscribe to the blog updates for this year so I will have a mailing list of parents. The blog is updated almost weekly and ALL AND ANY info you need to know for upcoming events or info will be on there, feel free to check at any time. If I do post a new blog update I generally send a reminder to my studios facebook page as well as your email so if you are on facebook be sure to "like" the Studio Labelle Dance page and you will always be aware of updates.


Other then that LETS DANCE!!! 2018-2019 here we come!!!! 





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