June 20, 2018

Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! Its my second evening off and I honestly miss your kids! I am so very grateful for the studio support throughout the last year and I hope each of you know how much my studio families mean to me. 


If I didn't speak with you personally last week and gush already, I'd like to say here that I was so very proud of each dancer at our recital! It was a smooth, fun and entertaining evening and I really think for such a young studio our dancers presented themselves with great confidence! I am still beaming with pride!! 


- Please be sure to have all tuition and fees now paid in full. 


- I have the photo sessions edited here at this link,




feel free to share on social media or print & duplicate, all rights released. 



- Also for families returning in September....  there may be some exciting changes and a lot of buzz...

(I'm going with full disclosure to create some excitement, but please know all these ideas are in the early "spit-baling" stage.... this is not a formal announcement)... 



1) We are in the very early stages of checking out a few location venues, although the idea of this may be a few years off with grants and funding slowly becoming available but... you never know maybe one day soon we are "high profile" so that is exciting for you all to be apart of! Cross your fingers for us! More space would be AMAZING! 


2) I am excited to be working on some further university education credentials and develop a syllabus focused towards movement therapy, kinetic work & bioenergetic relief for autism (or non-autistic dancers too :)  ) 


 3) Also I have a few scheduled teachers courses for myself and some workshops and after a lot of coaxing out of my ballerina bubble, I will indeed be jumping into an intense hiphop workshop and bringing back what I learn to you next year. ( I have indeed taken hiphop before as a teen but I never have felt comfortable with my "swagger" .... people are telling me I will own it this summer on my tour ..hmmmm...) So HIP-HOP is on the schedule for next year, tell the boys you know! 



Enjoy your summer and say tuned for late summer workshop info - 





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