Rehearsal Notes

June 8, 2018

We may have slipped out of order on 1 or 2 and then add that we were waiting for a few dancers to arrive and re-arranging.... well my pencil crayon drawings of costume order were mainly just for your enjoyment by that point :) ... below is the final MASTER list of show order so families with costume changes can familiarize with this list now. 



Also is I can touch base with you parents and have you pass along the message to the dancers pre-show - Dress Rehearsal is about working out the kinks and getting to know the stage setting. There are things that dancers learn on the stage that cannot really be taught in the studio.

First off being brave enough to go on at all and small things like a student stepping up in the moment to be the leader, or someone who may forget a step recovering with confidence. A dancer who is trying to jump out of her comfort zone and stumbles but is determined to rock it out come show time..... those are the what we are all doing this for.  

 Perfection is NEVER the goal for our shows, feeling accomplished and proud is what we are always striving for and I was proud of them all last night!! Please tell the dancers I am beyond excited and it is going to be a marvellous show!!! 

...Also ALL mishaps of the evening (and really there were not any important details to address just little stumbles)  I blame on technology! hahaha out of 5 devices we had 4 malfunction!! The batteries charged all afternoon and then died in 20 minutes!!... tomorrow instead of just one playlist backup I will have 700 hahahah even the mic battery died! Seriously! 


Its going to be a GREAT show! See you tomorrow!



Ring Master - Danika 


Lion tamers, - Evangelene, Georgie, Araya, Lily 

Golden Gals- Grayce, Sophia, Sofia Jean, Sofie, Ryatt, Mallory, Kaitlyn, Rylee

Blindfolded daredevils - Avery, Danika, Ruby, Ella, Emma 

Strongman - Noell, Isla, Addison, Emerson

No Strings - Taya, Macie, Emmie, Emma, Mackenzy, Iris, Poppy 

Bluebirds & tightropes - Evalynn, Everly, Briar, Paisley, Saje 


Circus - Alexis


Angels - Emmie, Keira, Avery


Flight of wind - Alexis, Avery, Danika, Ella ,Emma, Ruby, Emmie, Keira 

Flower Clowns - Pearl, Rosalie, Ella, Layla 

Water waves - Grayce, Alysha, Brielle, Abby, Madison, Keira, Annika, 

Pinstriped and Playful-  Summit, Adrienne, Georgia, Maggie, Vanessa 

Ring of Fire - Avery


Statues - Ella Emma 

Breathe-  Alexis 

Trail Smoke Eaters, La Corps De Ballet



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