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May 31, 2018

Loved parents week! You are superstars!!! Also looking forward to trying out our swagger at a hiphop workshop this weekend Sr. Dancers, wait for me to crump ya'all!! hahah Anyway this post is down to specifics now... 


To help you plan the weeks to come a little clearer I will try to post a precise (precisely estimated :) )  timeline here.


Dress rehearsal is Thursday June 7th. Please arrive with costumes ready to dress backstage, makeup is welcome but not mandatory for the dress rehearsal but all costumes and props must be ready for stage. 

I'd like to run the show as it will be for the Saturday night so please arrive 15 minutes prior to your stage time to be dressed and ready for run through. We have the theatre for rehearsal 5:00 -7:00 and each class should be on stage for 2 or 3 runs of each piece... expect to be at the theatre for a min. of half an hour.  Everyone is VERY welcome to watch the entire dress rehearsal as it is so GREAT for the students to see each other on stage but the theatre MUST be quiet for the dancers on stage! 




Show order  


Ring Master - Danika 5:00 


Lion tamers, - Evangelene, Georgie, Araya, Lily 5:10 - 5:15


Golden Gals- Grayce, Sophia, Sofia Jean, Sofie, Ryatt, Mallory, Kaitlyn, 5:15 - 5:25


Blindfolded daredevils - Avery, Danika, Ruby, Ella, Emma 5:25 - 5:30 


Strongman - Noell, Isla, Addison, Emerson 5:30 - 5:35


No Strings - Taya, Macie, Emmie, Emma, Mackenzy, Iris, Poppy 5:35 - 5:45


Bluebird tightrope - Evalynn, Everly, Briar, Paisley, Saje 5:45- 5:50


Angels - Emmie, Keira, Avery 5:50 - 6:00 


Circus - Alexis


Intermission ------ (at rehearsal this should be around 6:00 and that is when the smoke eaters are arriving for their quick run through if you'd like to watch feel free) 


Flight of wind - Alexis, Avery, Danika, Ella ,Emma, Ruby, Emmie, Keira  6:20


Flower Clowns - Pearl, Rosalie, Ella, Layla 6:30 6:35


Water waves - Grayce, Alicia, Brielle, Abby, Madison, Keira, Annika, 6:40 6:50 


Pinstriped and Playful-  Summit, Adrienne, Jorga, Maggie, Vanessa 6:50 6:55


Statues - Ella Emma 7:00 


Breathe-  Alexis 7:00



 As for the SHOW info

I think we have all already experienced at least one if not more shows and have a general idea of how the day will flow - But we will start makeup at 4:00 (older students) and 5:30 (younger students)  on show day - please arrive with hair ready in a bun (or as your class is intended) and costume ready to be hung in dressing room by your classes assigned label and ALL props/accessories ready.


There is a full makeup and change room area so please bring all makeup for your child in your own kit but it will be a "group" atmosphere backstage so there will be help should you need it for getting ready. Looking back at older posts I have linked youtube videos of stage makeup if you need. 


Time line is suggestive - Older girls can arrive first and spend time warming up onstage and getting focused but younger students may want to arrive closer to show time to keep our attention spans fresh for the duration of the show. All students should be show ready by 6:30 and in costumes by 6:45.


As for our backstage help, .... help ... this is always my nemesis, the hardest part of the show, but i don't want any parents to miss being in their seats so I like to try and employ supervision - I have hired librarians, grandmothers, teens... tried to find teachers, lifeguards and no word of a lie even Snow White has arrived in full costume once and every show it is a tough sell to find the staff and to try to enforce the CALM that needs to happen backstage to run the show smoothly. 

This year I have a "right hand helper" for myself and a show runner to get us lined up and in order but I am still looking for actual supervision. 

Feel free to toss me a chat if you may have an idea. It must be ADULTS who can entertain and be authoritative enough to handle 60+ happy nervous costumed kids.... not easy but so so so cute!!!! Actually the most successful was the librarian who sang to them a lot and SNOW WHITE was a hit as they all sat and stared at her reading books, so that is the direction I am hoping for... spread the word. 

..I don't necessarily want to a massive social media search as it is a rather specific position to fill, other times I felt terrible to turn down anyone who responded online but with it being a change room & nervous area I have to make sure we have the best grownups for the job. 


And finally (if you have read this long into this post, whew) we do indeed have one more week of classes after the show see you until mid-june. 



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