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September 21, 2017

Whew! I think we are up and running! Welcome new parents to the studio, I am so excited how much our studio family has grown and it is going to be a great year I can feel it already. 


There is not much info that really needs addressing, this blog update is really more to get us acquainted and on track for our year of communicating. Hopefully by now we all have (or Mrs.Labelle ordered and we are awaiting delivery) our shoes attire etc..., & have paid our tuition fees. Let me know if I can still help with anything in these areas. Thank you.


I will let you all know in Jr. + ages we played with tap a bit this week - I taught them syncopated steps and the different tones you can make with different steps and weight placement, and some of us learned a 16 count choreography. They were barefoot, I was in my tap shoes so I believe they got the "feeling" of tap for a taste, which was what I had intended.... If any of them happened to go home begging for tap shoes that was NOT my intention. haha It was a  dabble to show them different styles not a switch of dance genres! I will tell you though they had stars in their eyes and they were so excited! 


It would be great if anyone has time to keep educating their little dancers at home introducing as many influences of dance & performing art at home too. 

There are so so so many amazing musical theatre films and tools that so so so so so many of our young children don't know these days and getting the "bug" for theater starts with falling in love with even just one of these gems. 


Some age appropriate exciting musical theatre productions that you can easily hunt down are 


Funny Girl

The King and I

Singing in the rain

Mary Poppins

Sound of Music




And some great short clips -



Donald O'Connor  (so funny for kids!)


sound of Music






Judy Garland & Fred Astaire


Carleton Carpenter and Debbie Reynold


Fred astaire and Ginger Rogers




On the note of being a slightly larger studio this year, please remember that we share a driveway with a lovely family at 26 short street and they have said that this last weeks traffic has been no problem at all as we all get used to where to park etc. so lets make sure we continue keeping their side easily accessible. (it is not necessarily important to leave a clear path to the other neighbours stove hahaha omg I am so rude! hahaha I did bug them jokingly in person too so I am not actually as catty as I sound....)   Also once the snow comes please let me know how we do for parking, we may need to stagger classes by five minutes or start using the street as overflow. 


I am so enjoying getting into the swing of things with your amazing kids and can't wait for what our year will become... I will post weekly (ish) updates from now on, and if there are important reminders I will send a mass email to remind you to check , but bookmark the address and check at your convenience from here on out (and I always share a link on the studio's facebook page make sure to "like" that so you will receive a notification)


Thanks all!



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