June update...

June 6, 2017

Alright here we go... time to snowball towards our big day!

Things are going very smooth and we have just a few details to address. 


Be sure to have your tickets by now, they are available on the website thebailey.ca or at the box office open 12-4 weekdays.

 On a ticket note, I have emails about if certain people need tickets, or if yours can be discounted... one of the changes of using such a wonderful venue for our show is that they indeed take over this part of the show and the fact is that unpaid seats come out of the studio's pocket.

I have stalled to answer these emails but it has been haunting my brain .... until I got this letter that made my heart happy, so I am bashfully re-posting it here and so grateful to this sweet mom who unknowingly handled a situation that I felt very torn over. Thank you so much for saying this "anonymous studio mom"




To Whom it may concern, I have a dancer with Studio Labelle and we love Mrs. Labelle and everything she has taught my daughter. She is one of a kind and a great role model for my kids. I am writing this open letter because I over heard some parents talking about the fees of costumes and tuition. I am sorry but really? The parents I heard may want to think back to ANY other activities that they have been involved in and compare what Danielle does to what ANY other recreational program provides and then remember this is her job and from my experience she puts her heart into everything she does for our girls. This is an extra curricular activity that I think is worth every penny. I have spent crazy amounts of money on hockey tournaments and never heard other hockey parents NOT wanting to buy helmets or pay for hotels so why would you think that dance fees are an indulgence or should be discounted for you. (by the way I bought tickets for my daughter and I to go and support other studio’s in our community and it is $18 for all seats so I think that maybe means that Mrs. Labelle already has discounted her tickets) Thanks and thank you Mrs.Labelle. We can’t wait to see this year’s show! It is going to be amazing.


Dress rehearsal  Thursday June 15th 5-7 Charles Bailey Theatre


This will replace Thursday studio classes as we will all be running through our pieces at the theatre.


We do not need makeup done for this but we will be in full dress to double check that everything is prepared perfectly so please stand by to help the students change and then replace the costumes in their garment bags. Dress rehearsal is very much encouraged for everyone to observe,  it is great for the girls to watch each other and learn. And of course it is expected that while in the theatre observing it is quiet and respectful of the dancers concentrating on stage. Also be aware that the theatre has a very strict no food or drinks allowed. 


Show Day


Saturday June 17 4:00

Arrive for makeup and warm up. 

I will be asking parents to step in a bit more this year and apply your own childs makeup although I will be backstage to help and supervise once front of house is set. You all did such a great job for the photo makeup and really in a way I have been stealing the fun of being a "dance mom" from you as the backstage is one of the best parts! Mostly though this will give us more time for backstage run-through and warmups if I am not tied up with each girls makeup. (Also momma's unite! haha if someone needs help I am sure there are a few pro's that will be circulating to help with eyeliner etc. right!?) 




Thank you so much for asking where I need help, there are one or two things.

Concession is available for us to take over... this is a little extra work BUT then we can charge less for concession items so WIN right!?  If there are 2 dads who want to run the concession (pop, candy and sweets) let me know asap. This would be for 30 minutes prior to the show and at intermission for 10 minutes. 


Also I have posted a letter at the elementary school staff room, and called the nursery schools, and CCRC to hire someone for backstage supervision and I am still holding my breath for the perfect response. The more people looking the better chance of finding someone great so spread the word parents. Position is a paid hour, looking for two adults to read, sing, keep things calm and safe, and enjoy a ridiculous amount of cuteness.... 



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