January has been... uuuggg!

January 27, 2017


I feel like this month has been so turbulent with almost every family I teach somehow attacked by this flu bug going around! Ugg!

Lets all wash up and hope February brings us a clean bill of health!


I believe you all know by now, the coupon code for paypal payment with the January discount is

idontgetsick (all one word)

This will take a 10% discount off the term for my sick day. (If you are paying cash or chq. please take 10% off your normal fees).

There are a few of you who were lovely and organized and punctual that paid over the holiday prior to our January startup - if I have not already reimbursed you, let me know if you would like cash back or credit to spring term. 


(Someone said the coupon code was not applying on her phone, but I have had it work on other students payments so please let me know if you are having trouble paying on Paypal). 


That said the month has NOT been a total bust, I am actually a pleasantly surprised by how the students responded to the January Syllabus.  I didn't hold back even on the baby classes and they have advanced quickly. 



For this upcoming weeks classes please send students in street clothes that will be around paint.

Other years we have danced a painting and loved the results. This year I am going to change it up a little and involve the entire body not just the feet. We will use a brush and continuous movement to make some art. 


If you are NOT a paypal parent (and therefor don't have your invoice online) 2016 tax receipts will be in your email by today and tomorrow (depending on how well the Children's Advil works on my kids and they let me sit at the computer :) ).  


That is it. Go get some rest and lets meet February with a bang! 






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