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December 8, 2016


Alright everyone here we are! I think all of this information will be redundant from the last post and what I have said to most of you in person but its good to have it written down. 


Friday is dress rehearsal, starting at the Fruitvale Hall at 5:00 we will have each class run their piece about 2 or 3 times to get a feel of the stage. 

We will start with the younger classes and work from there (with the older girls who have multiple dances dispersed throughout)  

Once your class has danced you are welcome to stay or go if you need. It is great for the younger ones to see the older dances, please feel very welcome so long as we are able to keep the hall quite and have us all seated and watching so the dancers on stage can concentrate. Expect to be there for about an hour (under 5 yr olds) and up to two hours (5yrs and up) 

Bring a snack if you like. 


On Saturday we will starts with the 5yr and up coming from 3:00 until 4:30 and under 5yrs arriving from 4:30 to 5:30 for makeup. 

I will have a few seated games and the older girls will help everyone warmup but please prep the girls we will have a bit of time to get everyone in order and during that time we'd like to keep the nerves and excitement calm. 

Please arrive with hair neatly done according to your classes hairdo (most classes are a ballet bun unless hair is short) 

Please arrive in Ballet pink tights and ballet shoes. 


I think I have 2 makeup volunteers for backstage but could use one or two more, please let me know asap if you are available. 


I also could use a volunteer to walk each of the classes to the stage and up the stairs for the night of the show. 


Costumes are your to keep (and fees are due) after the show.


Please enjoy your night and be sure to tag all your instagram photos #studiolabelledance !! 


As school is going so late into the Christmas season this year ... We will have ONE MORE WEEK of class after the recital for our Christmas party. See you then! 



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