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November 20, 2016


Alright here we go things are starting to snowball and it is getting exciting! 


Thank you first off for all the wonderful baking and volunteering to pull of a fantastic bake sale ... it was a GREAT success! 


Also as the show approaches fast I have been filming our routines and posting on the password protected website page so the girls can watch themselves and help to memorize their pieces. The password is ILOVESLD I will continue to update, please watch. 


We are heading into December mode, so here are a few dates to mark on your calendars... 


December 3rd we will be doing recital photo sessions.

 3 images for $25. Please arrive with hair done, shoes and tights on, ... and makeup and costume will be done on site.


So as to keep the number of weekends devoted to studio work, we have decided to try and sneak in one more fundraiser on the same day as the photo sessions. Liberty Foods is allowing us to setup a table to sell our colouring books, if you are able to sit and greet customers for a few minutes after your photos let me know and we will try to keep a rotating schedule for the day.

On the subject of the colouring books, I am happy you are all enjoying them! My goal though is not JUST to sell them to parents (although I know you all want them for keepsakes) but to hopefully appeal to people shopping for any kids even if they are not connected to the studio at all but looking for a fun ballet colouring book. Otherwise I would asked parents to just pay for the lighting hahaha so lets see how many friends at school or family or facebook friends we can mention them to. 


Dec 9th is the dress rehearsal, we will start at 5:00 and go youngest first and run the numbers once or twice to give the girls a feel for the stage. You are free to go after your class has danced or as always you are welcome to stay for the entire run through should your children want to see the whole show but please respect that the dancers onstage have only this time to perfect their run-thru so very quite as you watch. 


On the Saturday Dec 10 we will start makeup for the oldest girls at 3:00 and have the little ones arrive by 5:00 for makeup. Again I will have child care hired backstage during the show so you can enjoy, but I may need a few mom's to help with walking dancers to the stage, and makeup stations backstage.

Also if we have a few dad's to take tickets and... I am on the hunt for a SANTA! (Shhh) 


Costume fees will be due by showtime the fee is $59 and you may of course keep the costume once the show is finished... they are really very cute and well made this year so I feel excited for the girls to have a fun Christmas costume. Should you dancer be in multiple dances this show and you are undecided if you would like to purchase each costume please talk to me about rental fees. 


I think that does it for today's post. I will upload a photo session schedule for next Saturday. 

Thanks all! 



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