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October 26, 2016

Alrighty parents I have a little explaining for you all. We have met a giant snag in our plans and had to do a little re-arranging, hopefully I have caught you all with time before you have planned your December schedule. 


I will explain with a little detail .. 

We had secured the Fruitvale Elementary School and were very excited for the spotlights and curtains of that stage. We realized after signing the quote that actually the Principal felt it would be a little hard to proceed with the rental as they have expensive equipment on the stage that we would have to pay a days wages to have moved, perfectly understandable as I know the school board has so much on their plate and rentals are a very small amount of what they do for the community. I just wish I hadn't announced to you all and hope you have not planned your Christmas vacation around our last date...


 We are back to our previous location at the Fruitvale Hall and will unfortunately have to change the date to DECEMBER 10TH 


Janice who is the rental liaison for sd20 was beyond helpful in our dealings this last month and wanted to personally apologize for the last minute cancelation. 



We are flexible (hahaha dance pun!!)




But as the girls and myself (and hopefully you) were already excited for a feeling of a more professional show I have sought our a lighting specialist who is working on a quote to come and professional light our stage at the Hall! Spotlights, wash lighting, backlighting... yeah!!!! So our fundraising will still be of huge value towards bringing the show into the space. The colouring book project will be completed by the end of this week so if you still have photos to send in please email or fb me asap! It is looking FANTASTIC! We will do a pre-sale announcement soon and they should be in to sell within a few weeks... If anyone saw the cookbook I wrote a few years back they are from the same publisher and a great quality softcover book, feel FREE to be pumping them up to friends so hopefully we sell fast! 


 I am standing by to answer emails if anyone needs to touch base about the date change, thank you all so much for your understanding! 



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