A lengthy letter...

October 21, 2016

Hello parents! Hope you all enjoyed parent observation week, the girls made me proud putting their best foot forward to show you how great their classes are progressing. 


Head up that next weeks classes are indeed our much anticipated HALLOWEEN PARTY!! Please feel free to dress up and make it as festive as you like or come in regular ballet attire and we will have tons of props and fun here to play with. As you have now come to expect I am shameless at these parties and the nutritionist hippy in me takes a backseat to the crazy candy lady! I am sure I have asked everyone personally about food allergies but for new students I may have missed talking to please advise if there are and restrictions I need to know about. 


So we have begun working on recital pieces. So exciting!! 

I believe the date is set and we are mostly confirmed at a NEW LOCATION for our show this year!!! One of my motivators to move the show was to give the girls a more wholesome performance experience with an actual stage, lights, curtains, backstage dressing room etc. I really do want to embrace the community we are in so staying in Fruitvale was important.

                     We will be hosting our show this Christmas at the Fruitvale Elementary School!

                                                        Saturday December 3rd 

Now that said, the "lights, camera, action" experience comes at a price and although Mr.Labelle would love to gift us this theatre as a Christmas treat hahaha we will need to do a little fundraising this season to afford the upgrade to our show. 


I have been brainstorming and have a few ideas ... if you as parents have feedback as to where you see yourselves being able to promote or participate let me know via message or email so I have an idea of where to spend my energy developing into a real idea. 


- Bake sale at the mall 


- Online raffle to win Free couples date night dance session 


- Merchandise promotion (ie: Studio water bottles for sale with markup going towards chair rental for show etc.) 


- longshot idea (but the creative in me had to at least mention it) ... small instructional ballet video for re-sale with your girls as featured dancers. (think like a youtube channel of ballet step instruction) 


- bonus photoshoot - styled pretty ballerina images. 


Let me know if anything sparks an idea in you!


Also on the note of fundraising we received $46 from Liberty Foods bottle donations and I will be using that towards my Dance Conference in Calgary this coming weekend. (look for myself and TRAVIS WALL canoodling on instagram!) So very excited to be inspired by such a caliber of teachers and choreographers. Can't wait to bring back what I learn!


Also Invoices for first two terms of payment will be coming to you via email early November. Thanks so much. 


Have a great week everyone! 



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