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September 8, 2016


Hello all! So excited we are almost ready to get things off and running next week.... 


I wanted to add a little note about the NEW stage class, it has been a popular option as I knew it would! Who doesn't love a little jazz!!

So level 2 is full and has been picked up as an elective class by all the girls registered in it yay!! 


Level 1 on Wednesday at 5:30 has filled up to the brim and I let a few sneak in as a non-elective class.   What I mean is : these stage classes were meant to be an add on for girls who were also registered in a weekly ballet class, so they would come twice a week and have each style at a different class.

I say this because it explains why there was a price difference for the same 1 hour class - its not that the jazz is less per term but was less because it would have been a secondary class.  

But I knew some of you didn't have that option of multi-classes & had daughters who were dying to partake so we let a few sneak into just that one class :) No problem at all I am excited to have anyone and everyone partake...  but now I am thinking maybe adding a second time slot would be best so we don't have anyone missing out who really wanted to add it on to their weekly routine.


So I am adding a 3rd stage class ...(YAY!)  a 30 minute fun jazz class. This option could be great if any younger girls or girls who would like to add a brief class in extra styles to their schedule

Thursday at 3:00 .

If you were already in the Wednesday class and wanted to sneak over to this one let me know as there is still wiggle room.


Hope this helps out a few of you who were wondering and trying to fit your family's schedules in! 

Feel free (as always) to message me if i can help in any way. 



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