It's here It's here!!!!!

June 16, 2016

Well this is it folks, this is SHOWTIME! The last week of classes is now over and we have just this weekend's activities.  I will miss the girls so much over the summer - be sure to pre-register for September as soon as possible!! 


Friday we will get started at 5:00 (I may have said 5:30 to some of you in person but that is fine as we will be a little long at the front of rehearsal getting dressed and quicker as we start running the routines so the timeline will still match up, sorry my ducks are now in a row!) 


As I mentioned you are very welcome to stay and watch the rehearsal it is gonna be a great show and the older 7 girls really have some fun pieces that the young ones would benefit from watching! Just please come prepared to be as respectful of the girls on stage as we can be. Shhhhh :) 


For arrival at the SHOW

3:00 G&A

3:30 Jr. Ballet

4:00 6-9 yr olds

4:30 6-4 yr olds

5:00 - 5:30 4yr olds and younger 


Show starts at 6:00


I again have hired Miss Rhonda from the library to supervise the girls backstage so parents can all be out watching and this time I am going to bribe the girls with a bit of movie time as well to keep us calm.


I have always run the youngest girls first to get them back to their parents asap.... BUT I am gonna try letting them enjoy a little backstage time this year to help with the noise level as other dancers preform and to let you enjoy the show. 



Thank you for offers to volunteer, the studio would not run without great parents who step up to help.

So far I am mostly good and don't have many needy requests this year but a few I will toss out. 


 1) Two dad's who can run the ticket table. (Mom's are generally busy backstage with makeup) 


2) Mom's to help with makeup I think 2 or 3 of you may have offered but the more the merrier, I could have sanitized stations set up for as many as 5 moms. 

Also speaking of makeup and hair... we have a very theatrical show this year and the wigs really set the tone so I am crazy excited for the girls to wear them. And WAIT until you see how cute it looks once they all get in a room together with them on! It is hilarious...

I know most of us are excited too but there were a few baby ballerinas who may need some coaxing about the wigs for the show. The reward is GOLD makeup if that helps!


**Also if you use a pair of panty hose as a wig cap underneath that will cut out the itching for them.  (like to rob a bank but not pulled down, just like a hat the we can still bobby pin into)


3) Clean up party. I am excited this year that a few of you have offered to stay behind and help with the cleanup, this is an invite open to whomever wants to stay but only fractionally because I need the help, mostly because we will make it into a fun mingling time. 


Oh lastly I hope you are enjoying your photo peak on facebook ("share" and "tag" as much as you like it just will generate buzz for the girls show) and as soon as this whirlwind weekend is over I will have your individual images for you. 


As photography tech is getting better lately I have been using onedrive to share my albums for weddings, and large projects and I have decided to do this for you this time too.

(Actually my new computer doesn't even have a cd drive haha so making you each a cd is now outdated)


Your photos will all be great print quality and you will have them via a link I will send next week.


I think that is  IT! 

See you this weekend!




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