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May 9, 2016


Starting to really get prepping done for OUR SHOW!!! Please feel free to share event info, I will have tickets for sale to go home with you in a few weeks. 

 I am setting the date for photos for Saturday June 4th. (also as incentive for me to have all costuming completed :) !!! ) 


A heads up that costume fees will be due anytime from now up until we finish for classes in June and have our show June 18th. As always the costume is yours to keep and the fee is $59.00 (no tax) If you have a daughter in multiple classes please speak with me privately. 


Most of you have been with me long enough to know how the photo sessions work, if you haven't I would invite you to peak at the studio Facebook page to get an idea of how the images look.

It is always such a fun day of shooting and we will go about things the same marathon style.

You will receive 3 professionally edited styled digital images for $25. (And this time one extra in a second costume, I'll explain below)  


This time because of the theatrical style of the costumes (there are wigs and I don't want your lasting family memories to feel compromised if she has a wig on) 

So....I would like to provide you with almost 2 seatings of each girl, a monochromatic lovely few images in her normal solid colour leotard and ballet bun in a dynamic ballet pose - and a few in her full Marie Antionette costume.

 Both will be so lovely and I don't mind the extra work to make sure you have both a special memory of her at this age, & a crazy awesome costume one.

Please arrive with your daughter in ballet wardrobe (solid leotard, tights and shoes, ballet bun hair)

I will do make up and have the second costume here for you. 




As we approach the weekend I will provide you with exact times. Expect to be here for about an hour. 


Examples below of what I am meaning by the two costume seatings.

(my wigs are not THAT big!!) But cool right!?!

Thanks parents







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