Spring Break

March 4, 2016

Hello everyone.

A few notes before next weeks Spring Break, Last class being March 11th and resuming the 29th (unless of course you are coming to the circus with me!!!

Then I will see you for our acrobatic workshop on Monday March 14th in Nelson, Tuesday March 15th in our studio,  and Wednesday March 16th in Nelson... links to follow) 


After Spring Break I have a few projects for the girls planned and will be in touch about that but the hint is there will be a film souvenir for you parents! Eeeekkk! It is exciting! 


We will also be having a parent observation week from the 5th to the 8th of April, feel free to bring any family members who wish to watch. 


Also I think I have finally sent out all the 2015 inquires that asked in the last few week for tax receipts, but do let me know if i have missed you... sometimes I hear you ask but the little ballerina voices in the room win out for my attention. 



Please make sure the girls know that although I like to keep it as professional as possible the studio is indeed in a home and the upstairs floor is off limits, we have had some girls getting a little more adventurous and going up to let the dog out of our bedroom... big no- no... he's a very gentle old man dog who loves kids but also very large and excitable for tiny ballerinas. 

And if I am being so forward as to already ask that, can I also ask you to mention that the change room / bathroom downstairs is meant for the ballet girls to feel at home in, the main floor one is meant for my kids to play bubble guppies in the sink haha please only use the studio bathroom downstairs. 


As for our workshop (yeah!) , I think it is really something the girls will benefit from and remember forever. any dancers over 7yrs old are invited to participate.  There will be two days of two hour intensives with very skilled professionals at Discover Circus in Nelson www.discovercircus.ca and we will be learning everything from silk aerials to acro lifts and jumps! FUN!!!!!!! Also one 2 hour evening session at the studio on the Tuesday from 4:00 - 6:00 to reiterate what we have learnt and start putting it into our ballet / modern performance pieces

I have been sent a link from the school and I believe I will be instructed to have each parent register their child on the website but I am waiting to hear back the specifics. For now I have the dates confirmed and can tell you the cost will be $60 per student for the full 3 days of all inclusive, fun filled, field trip, life experience, tumbling, twirling, flying trapeze workshop... and I over-selling? I'm really excited to swing from the ceiling myself!! 

I will be driving there and we have I think 3 mom's available to car pool as well if transportation is an issue on a weekday let me know. 



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