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December 8, 2015


Alright parents... here is the low down.


Photos are going to be beautiful! I have had a few looks and will have them out to you in the next week. The black and white classic idea is stunning on the girls and they tried so hard to pose so perfectly I was exceedingly proud! 


Onto this weeks adgenda. 

Classes will have a final run through of our pieces and a little Christmas gift and fun time for the girls. 

This will be our final class before we break for Christmas to resume classes January 5th. 


Friday our Dress Rehearsal will start at 5:00, as in years previous we will start with the youngest and move on from there having each class run through their piece at least twice on the stage. Please do prepair your little ones though that this is a serious night and that even though it is exciting it must be quiet and  you are very very welcome to stay and watch each dance (its good for the younger girls to see where they are heading) but please respect the girls who are concentrating on their rehearsal. 


Saturday we will start makeup for the olders girls at 3:00 and progress towards the youngest arriving right before the show. 

The girls should arrive with hair neat in a bun (extra bobby pins are handy, I always bring a 500 pack for backup and they seem to go in a sec!) and pink ballet tights and clean shoes. 



If there are any moms available to do makeup that would be a great help, I think a few of you have talked to me already and to all of you the answer is YES the more hands on deck the better backstage 

You are very welcome to be enjoying the excitement of the "getting ready" so feel free to bring a camera too! 


If there are a few dad's who can sell tickets as well that would be great. 


As for setup... a few of you have been so gracious to offer so much help this year and I will take you up on a few areas of deligation.  The decorating of the hall is generally a little late and only my mom and I are probably crazy enough to do that! But the clean up after the show would be lovely to have a few more hands.

 Also the 300 cupcakes last year was a little ... intese :) But I do think it was a nice touch to have the fancy treats for everyone. So I have left boxes of mix on my dinning room table for anyone who might have a spare second to bake a few cupcakes and share the load. Please don't worry about icing them as I do that once they are set in place on the table so bake and freeze and then bring to the hall on Saturday morning. 


Exciting details... 

SANTA'S COMING TO THE SHOW AGAIN!!!! Bring your camera and stay for your annual Santa photo! 


Also there will be a "red carpet" area as you arrive so feel free to peer pressure people to take a selfie and post it... it sounds silly maybe but the more we get OUR studio's name out there the better future events for OUR dancers! 


Please tag any photos of the night #studiolabelledance 


I am so excited! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks you so much for making this a great year for the studio and happy holidays to each of you and your familys! 

Danielle Labelle

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