Christmas times a coming...

November 23, 2015


We are a little ways away so I won't be tossing out every exact time as of yet but just to have you all prepared for what is to come over the next few weeks. 

Grab a coffee and sit down though there is a bit to cover here! hahaha 


I have a fun night of "Mommy (or daddy?) time" scheduled for November the 29 at my house and this is not at all mandatory, it is really just a fun way to involve any mom's who have time (I know how hard it is to get out so I understand if you want to be there but can't make it) 

But if you would like to come for a snack and a glass of cheer bring a glue gun and we will craft some decorations. 


Costume fees ($55.00) are due before Christmas break please and also if there are a few November fees still to come in please do so at your earliest convenience. 


Also I have added a new page to my website that will be live for you at the end of this week once the girls all record a video. 

This is a password protected practice page. It is mostly for the older girls who have a routine to learn, and I thought some tools here would help. 

The password is ilovesld and on the page will be...

run through videos of them they can watch over and over and learn the corrections / their music they can download onto their ipods / and any notes to help them practice at home. 



Sunday  December 6th will be our photo shoot day. 

I am trying desperately to get a dream location so fingers crossed. If not we will be at the studio as normal.

Photo sessions are $25 and you will get 3 digital images and a collage. 

Here is a schedule of the photo shoot time and next to it your weekly class time as a way to distinguish you (I seem to have a lot of repeated names this year so I thought that would be easier then trying to figure out which of the 3 Ruby's or Annika's you are!) 


Photo time                   Class name 

9:30                            Wednesday 12:00

10:00                            Tuesday 3:00

 10:20                            Tuesday 3:30

 11:00                           Tuesday 4:30

11:30                            Tuesday 5:15

12:15                           Wednesday 3:30

1:00                             Wednesday 4:00

2:00                             Wednesday 4:30

3:00                             Wednesday 5:00

4:00                               Thursday 3:00

4:30                               Thursday 4:00 

5:00                               Thursday 4:45 

6:00                                    g & a





Then onto the recital 

As you know already we are set for Saturday December 12 at 6:00 at the Fruitvale Hall

Each student will be sent home this week with an envelope of 10 tickets for sale. They are $10 each and feel free to sell them to anyone and everyone! 

The whole point is to have the girls feel celebrated and in the past when the house is packed and the crowd goes wild for each number the amount of confidence that instills in the girls is palpable! 

Please return the envelope with $ sold and any left over tickets still in the envelope to Mrs. Labelle by dress rehearsal Dec 11.

Tickets are also for sale at the door and online here on the website as well. 

We will have dress rehearsal at the hall on Friday at 5:00 going until 7:00, I always try to run the youngest girls first and you are free to go after your classes run or stay and watch. 


I will post an exact schedule of arrival for the day of the show but we generally start hair and makeup around 3:00 for the older girls and have the youngest ones arrive closer to show time. 

I have again hired supervision for backstage so the girls are looked after and no parents miss the show, but I will need a few volunteers to help walk the girls up to the stage at the performance and also tickets sales and of course makeup help. 


I think that is it for now. Please let me know if you have any questions. Things are starting to get exciting!~ 



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