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October 23, 2015


Alright parents, let me keep you in the loop of these last few weeks.

 In the older classes we have started working on our dances for the Christmas recital as I am sure you have heard...

and I have booked the Hall for the 12th of December and the show will be at 6:00pm. 


Also for any new family's who may be wondering how the performance works for the younger ages, these  classes will carry on with the regular class technique and games as I sneak in a lot more "shadow the teacher" work.  Their performance will be just that, follow the teacher on your polka dot" 

And for the baby ballet we perform an actual class scenario on the stage as this is what feels most comfortable to the girls and they get a chance to beam with pride as the audience see's them earn their bubbles etc. 

So even the 19 month olds have a chance to go on stage in a non-threatening way, when it feels for them the same as class, just 200 people are watching! 


Also on the topic of recital, that will mean your winter costume fee will be due (anytime before Christmas break will be fine with me) and that is $55.00 and you will get to keep the costume after the performance. If you have a child in multiple performances this will increase you costume fee accordingly but if you do not wish to keep the costumes please let me know and we will go about adjusting your total.  


The girls are catching on very quick to their routines so I don't feel at all guilty about taking off next week for a PARTY!!! Whhoooo whoo! Everyone is welcome to wear any dress up costume they like for the day and we will be playing dance games and eating terrible food! 


As always let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 



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