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August 25, 2015


Hello Parents of 2015-2016! 

Welcome to and/or back to Studio Labelle Dance!

How exciting to get started.... here is what you need to know 




Classes start on Tuesday September 8th, and if you haven't already, have a look at the last blog post to check your child's class time. 

Mrs. Labelle will be away the week before this so if you have any further questions that are not addressed here or the website, be assured that you will have an answer before your first class, sorry :) 

Most of this will be redundant for returning family's but there are a few changes


New family's - a special welcome as I know how excited you are, me too!  At Studio Labelle Dance encouraging, confidence, fun grace & poise and fostering a desire to preform is at the forefront of my teaching style. 

You and your child are going to have a blast making ballet memories.

Thank you for choosing SLD and I look so forward to getting to know you! 


You will need dancewear and I do indeed have merchandise for sale at the studio but if you have your own already here are the requirements:


-Pink or black leather ballet shoes

- A solid color leotard - any color is fine although I sell mostly just black & pink to keep distractions at a minimum (not too flashy is what I am hinting at) 

-Light pink ballet tights

-Hair pulled back into a bun 

A small skirt or tutu may be worn as well (I know the younger girls love this) but the older dancers I do like to see their body lines and the skirts can be intrusive to our practice.

Also remember that the last 5 minutes of every class is tutu time where I have special tutu's for the girls to wear. 

For baby ballet if the student is too small as of yet for ballet shoes, bare feet or grip socks will work. 

Adult ballet students should still be dressed in ballet attire (leotard and tights) and have their hair pulled back neatly, but may also choose to wear a cover-up skirt or yoga pants over their tights. 


Location of the studio:


28 Short Street Fruitvale BC


We have built a studio in the lower level of our home so expect to walk into a home, no need to knock.

Proceed downstairs after removing footwear.

There is a change room and bathroom and waiting area for the students and parents downstairs in the studio. 


Turn up Kootenay Ave. - Veer Left onto Mountain St. - and turn left onto Short St. 

Studio Labelle Dance is the second driveway on the left. You will see a sign. 

We do share a drive with 26 Short Street so please to keep to the left to respect their space.

Please angle park on the far left side of the driveway (on the grass) 

If we have any larger classes please overflow parking for drop off onto the street briefly. (keep me in the loop of how parking is sorting out, if we need to add a five minute stagger between classes let me know) 

It is the large white house, (a little tucked away from street view) again there is a sign.


And for payment, if you have paypal everything is available for payment online - merchandise and tuition fees. Or feel free to pay in person at class by cash or cheque. I will invoice you upon payment and a copy of that goes directly to your email so you will have a record.

Payment is due the first class of each two month term. On the note of "terms" the only reason for this division of months is to make payment easier on parents, classes run consecutively from September to June. 


There is also a FAQ's page on my website that I would advise you have a quick read through if you have any further questions... parent observation, fees, etc..

 Also speaking of the website I have combined the blog and site this year to make it more simple for you and I, Please if you are on facebook "like" Studio Labelle Dance so you will receive notices as to when you should be checking the blog for info throughout the year. 


Also seeing as though I am already rambling hahaha... don't forget if you are interested in the modern jazz/ballet class for the older girls on Tuesday do let me know... the girls who have already registered are very excited and the more students we have the better partnering we can do. I have 4 spots left. 


So as I said I am crazy excited to get started and do let me know if I can do anything else to help. 

Yours in Dance,

Danielle Labelle





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