Week 1 Part 1

Hey all!! We are just half way through opening week of 2019-2020 and I am over the moon excited for this year! I am sure I'll have more to say before weeks end, but wanted to pop on quick...

1) Oh my word the baby ballet classes Monday were beyond cute and I am dying for more! I've been snooping on those social media post of "First day of Ballet" and LOVE them all!!! KEEP POSTING!


(Also the real reason I am blogging tonight...) the dancers are to make a "Vision Board" for next week. Parents, don't let this stress you it can be as artistic and elaborate as your family's schedule has time for... or not. The goal is to hold us accountable for some goals this year and give each individual dancer a direction they see their dancing going to over the next few months.

Anything goes, they can glue printed photos or magazines, draw, write or use media... big board or small paper. Whatever. We talked in class a little so they should have direction as well already and here is a pinterest link if you need a visual. The link is mostly vague pinterest suggestions which is great to inspire but also we talked specifics ie: body goals, to do the splits - style goals, get better at jazz walks - body conditioning, more home stretching.....then glitter and glue it all! You know :)

Hope you have fun!!



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