Update... with no actual answers

Well first off “Happy Quarantine!” I hope it's been more time for family and bonding, and less of horribly stress-filled days … but really that is a daily toss up isn’t it? I guess a better way to say that is I hope you are all hanging in.

I have been radio silence on here. I know. And it has been intentional.

There has been a very real and definitive move to closing Studio labelle Dance for good and it has been a very emotional and real struggle for me… keep reading

BUT ….. My struggling heart is looking for a way… MAYBE, ...keep reading.

<here is a paragraph where I fight my instincts to get too word-y but explain my entire life to the masses, while sounding professional> …

SLD is my heart, the students are literally on my mind as I fall asleep, and decisions are not based on finances but love 99% of the time. The world flip-flopped and covid shut us down no recital, no last class, no goodbye and with a very grey area of when we may be able to open. Speaking with other studio's locally, we are all trying hard to navigate this process.

I know well of the May 19th “phase 2” guidelines and I have been multiple times in personal contact with worksafeBC and the Public Health Officer and we are all in agreement that with the studio space being as small as it is, and that the studio is in a residential dwelling there is not an option to open until at least September. In fact the Public Health Officer said it would be “Irresponsible” and “I could not guarantee the safety of my clients, or myself” were I to think of opening for teaching children in the small studio space.

I personally just didn’t know how I was going to keep 4 yr olds wearing masks and distanced while dancing!!

My family has pondered the practicality of the studio this past year already and with covid on top of that…. It's a lot. I started to worry as well, that come September (should we be able to return), how many students would I still have? If many of you were off work $$ OR if you were all nervous of your child’s safety (as am I)...

Will anyone register?!?

So cut to .. the responsible and rational decision for my family was for myself to return to school and hopefully work for SD20 in the future. Closing Studio Labelle Dance indefinitely….. BUT … one letter from one mom, mildly begging (I’m being polite she was not mild) that her daughter needed this so much, all she wanted was to get back to dance and please could I shed some light as to what the studio’s reopening plans were.

I can’t just close so abruptly.

So... I am registered for school yes, but I will also be able to run the studio I think.

This is the tentative plan : I am looking to hire an additional instructor to share my class load and am viewing this week a leased larger downtown Fruitvale space. The space would allow more social distancing and there will be some changes (The mid-May guidelines from the worksafeBC agent suggested masks, no parents in attendance, and no bathroom accommodations, but we’ll know more as we get closer to September and what the regulations are then).

If we remove covid-19 from the equation, this is a really wonderful opportunity to expand and become the studio Fruitvale has always deserved. A downtown community presence and a force to evolve. But again it is just a tentative plan I am trying to make work. Let see what we can do. Because I care for these dancers so much, I wanted you to know all the details of my decisions and how important it is to me that they come out of this covid-19 situation with a return to predictable routines and connection to dance that will impact their mental and physical “new normal”

I am attaching a survey. It will help me gauge what YOU are looking for as we move forward, (it takes about 2 minutes much less time than reading this letter!)

Please answer with any and all honest responses so I know how to proceed.


I hope you all know how weighted these thoughts and decisions are for myself and my family and you and your family are deciding factors in this decision.


Miss you all!


© 2016 Studio Labelle Dance

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