Update: Information Regarding Coronavirus

Although our Spring Break had correlated with the beginning of this uncertainty, I have been advised that as of today March 17, 2020 all non essential services are to cease services indefinitely.

Studio Labelle Dance will close until further notice.

I have purchased a licence to share my online training memberships with upper level students and have that for you directly asap. I will private message you parents individually with the passcodes. These are classes that I have used and trusted for many years and they are unsurpassed in credentials. With the student passes I don't believe you will be able to have live one on one classes, but there are so so so many classes to stream and learn from world renowned professional instructors. To explain these are classes I use as a retired ADULT dancer to further my skill and peer dancers I correspond with to help choreograph, that is why I am offering this to upper level dancers it is rather advanced and would not pertain to any of my younger students. Sorry, I am scrambling but I will maybe try to have an online option for you soon as well!

For families who have paid for year end fees please be patient as I navigate how to proceed according to the government recommendations. If for any reason your family needs this handled faster than my accountant can, please message me directly and I will do everything to help speed this along. Many fees have gone to pay for the costumes, theatre and choreography of the upcoming/canceled year end show, so there is a delay on just being able to refund... but if there is a need in your circumstance please let me know, we are all in this together.

It is almost a relief that this happened before many of you had the chance to pay your fees, so yay spring break! (small laugh)

I was fine with spring break looking different, I was fine with school closed even,... but MY STUDIO!!! Big tears... Honestly I am at a loss.

So sorry for ALL OF US that this is happening.

Thank you for your support of Studio Labelle Dance. I knew this info earlier today and couldn't bear to write this until now so please know how much I will miss teaching you all!

Again thank you for your SUPPORT, and we will dance again VERY soon I hope.

Mrs. Labelle


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