Show Week!!!

Hello all.

First off lets get the stress-y stuff out of the way. I know this week's classes will probably get us up to speed and i'll see everything come together at tech/dress rehearsal... but I am a little worried about some of the choreographed pieces. Perfection is never the goal, but we want our dancers feeling prepared enough to be confident and proud onstage.

One way I think I can help is I will be posting practice videos of myself doing their pieces. I think this will help so we are not at home rehearsing with unsure spots or glossing over parts we may need work on.

So for all my 8yrs and up, I know its a busy week but please take a few evenings and watch these videos over and over to help you feel ready. I have started filming them and will have them uploaded by this evening so please take time to sit your dancer down for a few minutes and watch them.

Other than that we are so set for a great weekend. Friday please bring your costume if you had taken it home after Saturdays photos. All accessories will be in your garment bag so please keep this all together. As I mentioned in the last post, makeup is not mandatory for the dress rehearsal but other then that we want this to feel as close to the real show as we can. Dancers will be required to be at the theatre for dress rehearsal from 5-7 and I know this can be long for some of the younger ones so enjoy watching the show QUIETLY or feel free to wander a little if you are not on stage. Remember there is no food or drink inside the theatre but we will have the dressing rooms set for you as well.


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