Opening day 2019-2020

It's here!!! Opening day is in the morning and I am so very excited to share my passion for dance with each of you new families and returning dancers. If you need, have a look back over the last few blog posts so you are feeling super prepared for your first class (there is lots of info ie: location, dress code, tuition etc. on the previous blog posts or the FAQ's page of the website) also I will be available to answer any questions you may have directly, feel free to message as well.

As we switch over to this new APP format for communication between studio and parents, I will be asking that ALL students have a Studio Info Form filled out. (link below, should take under a minute) In the past we have done these as paper forms upon arrival of your first class, so even if you feel I may have the info already please take the time to fill this out so i have all current files together.

Also the second link it to the 2019-2020 calendar feel free to download that as we look ahead to our studio year.

See you all soon!



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