November News

Its November and that means we are a month and a half away from our show date! Yay! Please do "share" and spread the word once we are live for tickets to create some excitement!

Note: The week of Nov 11 to the 14th classes is PARENT OBSERVATION week so if you are available please come to watch and enjoy!

To confirm the dates again for us here, the Show is set for 6:00 Sunday December 15th at The Bailey Theatre. Tickets will be on sale as early as next week, I will share the theatre's link once they have us up.

Dress rehearsal will be Friday the 13th from 5-8 at the theatre.

And I would like again this year to have a pre-rehearsal the final week before that at the montrose hall to have our large group numbers organized before we are at the stage. This may not pertain to our "littles" but I will decide after this next week to see what classes I think will need to have the extra spacing rehearsal. (It would just mean a change of class location not an extra rehearsal time for most of you)

And costumes have all started to arrive so I will remind you that costume fees can be paid between now and December. EACH costume is $65 and they are yours to keep after the show. This is a mandatory fee.

Thanks all!

It's a great season this year and the recital is looking spectacular already!!



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