Next week’s rehearsal Wednesday

Hey there all, this is for older classes again, mainly my Tuesday and Wednesday girls. Tuesday classes are at the studio this week as normally scheduled. WEDNESDAY I have rented the Montrose hall again and would like to have another large group rehearsal as we didn’t have everyone able to make last week. So could ALL TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY STUDENTS meet at the montrose hall from 4:00 to 5:30 on Wednesday 4th, (16yr old sr. Girls are the only modification, if you could come at 5:00 to overlap the large group but I can be much more productive in your dances if I keep you later alone so schedule for Alexis, brenna and Isabelle is 5:00- 7:30 Wednesday montrose). Again parents thank you for your cooperation and I hope you are agreeing that the benefit of these classes is worth the rental of the hall. And I realize this make an extra day for some of you and I hope that feels like free and enjoyable ballet and not an imposition. (maybe one day we’ll have a larger studio space of our own to rehearse 🤪)

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