It's here!!!

YOU GUYS! How good was dress rehearsal?! Proud of you all!! Okay so that gave us a good idea of a few tiny spots we want to tidy before tomorrow's show, graveyard and window classes I'd like to run your pieces again tomorrow at 4:30. And teens I'd like to do flatline a few times so you are set to arrive at 4:00 anyway we will go through spacing it onstage with the bed.

I think we are sitting very ready and organized otherwise, be sure to have your black bodysuit leotards classes who need them under you costumes (that is graveyard, showbusiness, and most of the older girls in stage, ballet and sing sing sing)

Tutorials for hair and makeup were in the "info made easy" post on the blog.

We have backstage hired supervision but please do remind everyone before we get there even that backstage MUST stay quiet and calm.

And most importantly.... same as every year it is HARD to land a Santa :) Whenever I ask I lose all eye contact from everyone in the room hahaha So we are still on the hunt for a jolly dad or grandpa who would want to sneak into the change room just before the end of the show and get into the costume I have and then, get most smiles and cuddles that you ever imagined.... sounds fun right!?!?!?! Spread the word.


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