It's feeling "Fall-ish"

Well I am hoping we are all into a proper routine now, happy fall ya'all.

I don't have all the responses to the student forms back yet, please do go to the link and fill yours out asap (takes about 1 minute of clicks and submit) if you missed the link from an earlier post here we are..

Also the second link it to the 2019-2020 calendar feel free to download that as we look ahead to our studio year.

Student form link:

If you have looked on the studio's google calendar attached you may have noted a few dates. All students schedules are to be confirmed (that is mostly on my end, should we have been making any switches according to age etc..) and all tuition fees should be paid at this time.

I have a hold on the theatre for Dec 14th or 15th, But after a little feedback I am going to confirm our recital date for the Sunday Dec 15th... speak now or ...

Then the other (much more fun) note to talk about is it will be "Style Week" this coming week. We have a lot of new students in our classes this year and I learned of this technique in my summer training, it is a great way to visually have the students express themselves when meeting new friends/ new teacher. Ballet attire is welcome but not mandatory, ANYTHING can be worn (go simple, but anything from a pink scrunchie to a princess dress is allowed) something that expresses WHO our dancers feel they are. (For the younger students if we have just gotten into a routine of dressing in our dancewear, just a hair bow or scarf or jewelry added to ballet attire is a great idea so we don't confuse them) Also I will have a tickle trunk out if anyone doesn't have anything so don't stress if you forget.


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