Well I hope you all had as great of a break as we did in my family, I disconnected to the point of neglecting the real world... and it was glorious! But full force back to it now!

Here is the link to all individual photos if you were a family who partook in the photo sessions your 3 images will be on there for you to download. They are print quality on the onedrive folder and you may print or share as you like. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuJR_WGpoFy5vwX13hS4-Lq__WtT?e=8geHfI

We will have January's first weeks classes to welcome new students and get back into our class structure, and then the following week is visual arts week.

If you haven't done it previous years it's really just a great way to incorporate performance and visual arts and I try to have lots of different ways for the students to interpret dance, movement and art. Please send dancers in street clothes that they would be fine to paint in and barefeet.

The following two weeks I will be devoting class time to our level assessments. This is carried over from before our Christmas break and it will be a rewarding experience for the dancers to see their progress since our years start in September. In February we will see about having a special "Parent Observation week" to celebrate our certificate achievements.

I'm excited to get to it! Welcome back all!


Oh PS, I have a few mom's interested in taking my adult barre Tuesday morning class, but not quite enough registration for me to run it ... just putting the word out there to try and fill the class so it can be a "go". New Year's Resolutions and all that :)

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