A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.

Hello All,

How AMAZING was last night?!?!?!? I am still just glowing happy with how well it went and how beautifully everyone danced!

First off classes are done for Christmas break, but we will have a wrap party this Wednesday at the montrose hall, 5:00 - 7:00. Games and treats and FUN, DANCING!

We worked hard and were brilliant after all, it must be celebrated!!

All parents are welcome to stay and enjoy. I will have christmas goodies and hot dogs but you'd like to bring a sharable dish please do.

Also I normally message any of these little thoughts but I feel like we can all learn from it. Any hiccups at show were totally out of our control. At dress rehearsal we had a wonderful sound guy who was away for show night :( and although his replacement was excellent it's hard to know all the cues from just someone else's notes. There were two of the tiniest cues missed and I bet only us who were in the know knew... but I mention it because those are the best learning moments on stage! You found your music and you danced like nothing had ever happened! Brilliant! Makes me even more proud of you then if it had gone perfectly. But I am sorry if you missed parts of your dance, or didn't get to do your acting entrance, I know how well you all performed it usually! It's hard to let go of xo

Please have all costume fees paid by now as well. If you had multiple costumes do double check how many are for keeps and what is to return to the studio. Thanks

Also I almost have photos final edited, my goal was just to get to the show and then figure out the rest of my life :) so now I'm all over it!

If I don't see you at the party, Merry Christmas and I sincerely am so proud of each of you dancers.

All my love,

Mrs. Labelle

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