What forms of payment does Studio Labelle Dance accept?

Preferable payment is by PAYPAL on this website or cheque or cash. Payment is DUE at the beginning of each TERM and a receipt invoice will be emailed after payment. 

Is there a refund for missed classes?

No, payment is due at the beginning of each term.  Please understand, to ensure that you or your child is receiving a proper ballet education there is a set number of hours that are expected to be adhered to.  Also it is not fair to the other class members who may be working on group choreography with missing students.   Please be respectful of this. 


Is it necessary to have a dress code?

Yes.  As dance is a discipline that adheres to strict guidelines of the Royal Academy of Dance it is mandatory that each child arrives dressed and groomed appropriately.  There is a level of respect that is immediately established towards Mrs.Labelle and to dance itself when there is a uniform enforcement.

Ballet : Solid color leotard, light pink ballet tights and leather ballet shoes.

Jazz: Solid color leotard, light pink ballet tights, shorts or stretch leggings are allowed over top. Jazz shoes. 

Hip hop: approved street clothes are allowed but athletic and dance inspired are the guideline - booty shorts, tank, leggings, crop top etc... Street shoes, clean white soles. 

Please note this is not enforced as strongly for the adult female class. Adult students must still be dressed in ballet attire (leotard and tights) and have their hair pulled back neatly, but may also choose to wear a cover-up skirt or yoga pants over their tights. 


Where can I get approved dancewear and shoes for myself or my child?

Well from Studio Labelle Dance of course! There is a retail order page on the website that will enable you to order your supplies.

Contact Danielle Labelle with any questions.


Are parents allowed to observe classes?

No. There will be specific days where parents will be invited but for regular classes, viewing will not be allowed. Concentration is hard to establish in young girls and often when there are spectators, the excitement and wish to perform interferes with the ability to be taught. 


How will parents be involved in their children’s dance education?

There is a link to a BLOG online at studiolabelledance.com and parents can go there to stay in touch with what their child is learning. There will be descriptions of what was taught in class and all upcoming info will always be posted there to anticipate questions you might have. 



Where is Studio Labelle Dance?

28 Short Street Fruitvale BC


We have built a studio in the lower level of our home so expect to walk into a home, no need to knock.

Proceed downstairs after removing footwear.

There is a change room and bathroom and waiting area for the students and parents downstairs in the studio. 


 Turn up Kootenay Ave. - Veer Left onto Mountain St. - and turn left onto Short St. 

Studio Labelle Dance is the second driveway on the left. You will see a sign. 

Please angle park on the far left side of the driveway so as to respect our neighbours.

It is the large white house, again there is a sign.


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