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Danielle is an incredible role model for young people in the Kootenays. As a teacher she loves, appreciates and respects each and every child she meets, regardless of ability or background. She is not deterred by behavioural challenges; to her each of her students is a star. This kind of unconditional love and respect is rare, and will help shape the lives of all the students fortunate enough to attend Studio Labelle Dance."

- Christine

"We LOVE her and she is very important to my daughter. What a great teacher :)"

- Deb

" Danielle is amazing with these children! She is kind, patient, and so supportive of each one of her students!"

- Kathryn

" Danielle puts so much love and effort into her studio and into each and everyone of the children she teaches.... She makes dance fun with her interactive ways of teaching. She engages the girls with her fun but firm teaching. She also bonds with them holding parties at certain times throughout the year. She provides an amazing experience for these girls. It’s something that is hard to put into words. She goes above and beyond in everything she does, she’s amazing at what she does and she’s an incredible role model for the girls she teaches"

- Jen

Hello, I am Danielle Labelle, owner and instructor of Studio Labelle Dance a classical dance studio in Fruitvale BC.  


Encouraging grace & poise and fostering a desire to perform is at the forefront of my teaching style. 

Small class size and personalized props and costumes for each student are some of the individual attention and perks at SLD.


The style of Classical Ballet taught at Studio Labelle Dance is derived from the

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

  A well-known aspect of the RAD method is the attention to detail when learning the basic techniques of ballet.

The general thought is that if enough time is spent achieving the maximum level of technique before introducing new steps, the easier it will be for students to learn harder steps.

The benefits from this repetitive and concise teaching style are not just in the students ability to learn dance but also to promote

diligence and control in all areas of life. 


I believe that Performance Art is an education that affects a magnitude of factors in our lives...


Dance is a fun and extremely useful activity for the physical & psychological development of children and adults. 


Dance nourishes the child's concentration, the ability to think and react fast. 


 Dance also develops discipline for the future years. 


My desire is to have a studio that influences a child's ability to be confident, poised and full of grace. 



 Danielle Labelle

© 2016 Studio Labelle Dance

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