Baby Ballet ages 2+

Even at this young age we are working to build grace and confidence through dance and musical awareness. Props and games are used wisely to hold young attentions in a social setting.  Many of the exercises are designed to bring awareness personal space and movement. Often at this age there is parent involvement at each class, but as we progress in the year (depending on comfort levels)

we try a few classes independently. 

Ballet ages 3-10

This term describes many levels offered at SLD. Through imaginative work students will learn the foundations of Ballet technique in order to proceed with the Dance syllabus.  Introduction to combinations of steps requiring added coordination, free expressive movement, and further development in ballet. Advancement as repetition and skills progress. 

Multiple time slots available. 

Jr and Sr ballet 9 - 16

At this level it is important to make sure that your child properly understands the meaning of the French terms and how they relate directly to the steps used in ballet.
At this age of development and understanding we work towards ensuring the mental and physical knowledge is cohesive. Multiple classes per week at this level is strongly suggested. 

Contemporary ages pre-teen / teen

Ballet technique with a mix of jazz and contemporary dance exercises as well as choreography each day. Classes include a wide array of music to explore the many varied movement styles. Multiple classes per week are required at this level. 


Hip hop is free movement and personal style with fun and upbeat choreography. Expect to sweat and expect to smile. Multiple age / skill levels available in schedule. 


Musical theater is an art form and type of entertainment that combines music, singing, dance, and acting.


Through music and movement and many fun and engaging character activities, your child will reap the benefits of starting music lessons at a young age – increased attention span, confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, and building the foundation for future academic success. Your child will learn to sing, act & dance, but will also learn rhythm, leadership skills, and performance skills.

Adult Ballet

Adult level, MINIMUM skills required. Fitness and dance set to music, meeting strength and gracefulness in a flowing grounded movement. Incorporating yoga and aerobic styles with the culture of classical ballet.  

Couples Classes

Group lessons or Individual private lessons tailored to you. The goal is to make even the most uncomfortable dancer enjoy themselves on the dance floor within one class! 

Learn a variety of styles in Ballroom & Latin dance and tailored choreography. 

Integrated Dance

Integrated Dance is a broad term for these classes. They are fully inclusive, students are generally referred by their family therapist but classes are open to anyone. Support workers or parents are always welcome in the classroom if needed. Multiple time slots to choose from will help to keep class sizes small and conscious of the needs of students and what helps them thrive in learning movement. 

Level 1 of Integrated dance will be simply movement to music, body awareness & working with textiles and some props. Finding balance and using movement to gaining knowledge of kinetic control. 


Level 2 is adding memory work, movement patterns, choreography, finding rhythm and learning class structure.


Class syllabus is adapted from Rhythm Works Integrated Dance curriculum and guided by the students where they excel and what we can enhance.  Classes set into 8 week sessions, although we will run continuously throughout the year. 

Private sessions or on locations sessions may be an option as well, please message me directly to discuss. 


I look so forward to this exciting enhancement to our community! Lets DANCE! 

Baby wearing

Enjoying a ballet class with your baby, the music will soothe your baby while you embrace the athletic endeavour of  the challenge of weight placement of baby-carrying while dancing.  Enhancing feminine grace while inspiring you to love the art in yourself. See full description on ADULT CLASSES PAGE. 


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